Shadow Daze

Free People Long Sleeve Shirt, Vintage Levi Denim Shorts

Pittsburgh has been gloomy. The clouds are having a big cry. I don't hate it though. Something about the rain makes me so relaxed, and falling asleep to lightning storms is right down my alley. My boyfriend Dylan opened up for a band called DRGN KING who is based out of Philly on Wednesday at Garfield Artworks. The music was refreshing, I probably danced and listened until the sun came up. I met some pretty sweet people who are so talented and inspiring. This week has been exactly what I have needed to clear my head. I've been jamming to Highway 61 Revisited, making s'mores over my stove, meeting new friends, connecting with old ones. Wet streets and frizzy hair call for denim high wasted shorts and tees. Actually everyday calls for denim high wasted shorts and a tee. Anyways, it's Friday! Gotta go skip around the streets and jump in some left over puddles. I see some sunshine in my future. 

Have a beautiful day. If you see a girl with frizzy curly hair puddle hopping, it's me.

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