Hundred Acre Woods

Urban Outfitters tee, Forever 21 skirt, Daily Bread hat,  Converse sneakers, Ecote purse, Hot Haute Hot jewlery

My tomboy roots. Channeling back to my childhood years when I was digging dirt for earth worms, playing army with the neighborhood boys, and living in my sneakers. I grew up half tomboy half Disney Princess and love how it still pokes out through my everyday style. A t-shirt tied in the perfect crop, high tops, and a backwards cap had me kickin' it comfortable while my candy colored lips pouted out proving my girly side. I loved this moment. Listening to the chirping of birds and watching the trees touch the clouds. It felt great to spend time surrounded by nature with a head full of dreams and just.. breathe. I adore feeling like a little kid again. I used to run around the woods behind my house dreaming that I was Pocahauntus. My imagination has always been vast and I find myself still dreamin' away through life.

Note for next time: pack less lipstick and more bug spray

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