Summertime Sadness

I've decided that I need to just come to terms with the fact that summer is over and I need to stop pouting. I just loved this summer so much, I hate letting go! So much fun. Traveling, food, friends and family, sleeping in, bubble baths, sunshine. All the works. I have learned a whole lot about myself these past few months and who I want to be. My visit to Free People's home offices really kicked off my summer in the most inspiring way and has pushed me to express my creative self more and more everyday. I've fallen in love with blogging. Every aspect. The photography, writing, styling. I've felt so blessed lately about the connections I have made with bloggers that I look up to so much. Madisyn Avenue has been a wake up call. I began started to see beauty in the little things in life. Like, look at that juicy red piƱa colada/cotton candy slushie. How freaking beautiful is that? Doesn't it just make you wanna be under the sun at the beach? I sound nuts, but I'm passionate about slushies. I can so easily get caught up in how fast my world moves, and this blog has made me sit down a second and look around. Ok enough mushy stuff. Just wanted to say thanks to all my followers and people that have supported me in any way. I really appreciate it more than words could ever describe and can't wait to continue my blogging journey. School has started (my final year!!!) and it has been difficult getting blogs up but I am anxious to get back into the routine. Time for class. Thanks again to all of you for making my dreams come true and enjoy every bit of sunshine the day can give you. 

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