Bell Bottom Bowie

Chaser Brand tank, J Brand flares, Jeffrey Campbell booties, Louis Vuitton bag

Sometimes I just need to pack up my bags and go. Wander a few unfamiliar streets and escape a little with a friend. These high wasted baggy bell bottom flares made it in the mix on my trip and brought me back to my hippie mode for a bit. They were just what I needed for the short trip to Wilmington, pairing perfectly with all of the mixed things I threw in my bags. The gloomy sky didn't stop me from exploring town; I put on one of my favorite tees and just went for it, being a total Bowie fan babe. Vintage shopped the weekend away, grabbed a local bite, and embraced my new messy chopped hair. Isn't that the best? Good vibes all weekend, and I'll give these flares some of the credit.


  1. I'm mad you were in my town and I didn't see you. Boo. On the other hand - I saw this and thought of you. http://iheartblogshop.com/ Bri, one of the teachers, is one of my favorite bloggers. Check it out, yo!