List of Five

 When I'm in my room on weekends or late nights I feel so relaxed and inspired. It's my time to unwind. I can light all my lavender candles, turn on my twinkle starlight, listen to some Cat Power and just be. I've been writing more, drawing more, experimenting more. I really believe in taking the time to do things that keep me grounded, and this week I'm really going for it. First, I will be writing down five things each day that I'm thankful for. It can be anything - life is all about the little details that make it so wonderful, (like my new freckle). Above are yesterday's five things… Gosh I'm a weirdo. Secondly, I am starting a juiced cleanse today! Time to flush all of these bad vibes out and recharge the bod! Positive changes are happening babes, what are you going to do for yourself this week?

I challenge you to start writing down your list of five each day :)

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