Free People maxi, shirt, Pavement beanie, Urban Outfitters socks, Gypsy Junkies necklace, Vanessa Mooney chokerringeagle ring, ABC Carpet and Home jade ring, Free People ring, Hot Haute Hot map

"All that is gold does not glitter,
 not all those who wander are lost."
-J.R.R Tolkien

This map reminds me how much of the world I'm lusting to see. A present I received over break that I will one day have hanging in my future home. It's a vintage schoolhouse map from Germany, and I'm in love. This earth laughs in flowers - and I want to pick them all. 5 days into the New Year and my head has been spinning about life. Where will I be this time next year? Will my feet sink in sand on the coast of a continents edge, or chill against the concrete jungle streets. I want to ride elephants, eat foods I never knew existed, and hear stories from pure faces. I want to weave through rushing taxis and live in a hole-in-the-wall apartment overlooking a city skyline where I can paint, write, read - disappear. I'm 5 days late on my New Years post, but that's what life is about, right? It's not about rushing through. It's about sitting back and taking time to think, feel, and dream. It's about doing things when your heart and mind is ready. I don't want to sleep through life, or live in a lukewarm way. I want to take time to think, and then just go. So, dear 2014, I'm ready for you. I'm going to take each day at a time. My wandering mind and soul changes like the weather. I want to experience it all, see it all, hear it all, feel it all. One day at a time.

What are your dreams for this year? Let's wanderlust, and go.

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  1. You are so lovely! Same here, I crave to see every corner of the world!
    Adore the dress! xx