Beep Beep!

A little love from Philly and my journey so far. I've been a busy one over at the Free People home offices.. helping as much as I can and learning a TON. Some cool news - I shot the Scenes From The Office post for the past two weeks, and shot the Models Off Duty post this week (I got to shoot Aline Weber who is a total babe alert and obviously died when I shot Sheila Marquez) BUT thats for another day. Anyways. It has been a dream, and luckily the girls on the blog are letting me continue with those posts on the Free People blog throughout the summer! Check them out, and all of the posts on the Bldg 25 blog. The girls behind it work their asses off to make it what it is. 

I'm in a goofy mood right now. I want to blab.

I need to make a list. A list of what has sunk into my brain since moving here:
1. I love 8am Subway rides. Cat Power blasting through my ears as I ride below the city makes mornings magical. 
2. You have never experienced ice cream until you've experienced The Franklin Fountain.
3. My inner OCD neat freak is at an all time high and I'm driving myself insane in this little studio apartment, but I love it. [I.notice.every.little.speck.of.dust.and.run.to.wipe.it.up.]
 4. I'm more inspired than ever, and welcoming changes in all directions. I might have a blog name change in the works, and I think it'll be all things good.
5. I officially love being behind the camera way more than in front of it. Of course I love being in pictures, but - capturing the world and making each shot my own, and sharing how I see the world through my eyes, really is.. beautiful.

Time for a date with my camera. Today is beautiful.

xxx, keep posted! I have some exciting stuff coming up :)


  1. Love this! You're adorable.
    Oh, and we should probably hit up Franklin Fountain next weekend ;)

  2. Ahhhh, perfect! I agree with every point you have made (my ocd has been at and all time high as well, cant stop cleaning!!) aaaaand your posts on the freep blog have been killin it. I agree, today is beautiful!


  3. I love your photos both here and on FP. Do have any special editing tips that provide that ethereal look? Right now I am all about upping the contrast and brightness, then lowering the saturation, but I love to hear the ideas of other people! Also, 8 am subway rides are THE BEST. I freaking miss living in a big city with a train.