No Rules

Having a "fashion" blog was fun. Madisyn Avenue allowed me to meet beautiful people, learn about my style, and land the internship of my dreams at Free People. My life has changed in so many amazing ways over the past year and I can't help to laugh at myself sometimes thinking about all of the times I've stressed about what to do with myself. 

My break from Madisyn Avenue let me breathe a bit, and also figure out what I wanted to do with this blog. I love clothes, and always will, but there is so much more to me beyond that. I love to bake, listen to music, read, write, and make things. Working with Jana this summer at Free People taught me a lot. I learned that as much as I was in front of the camera, being behind is my beat. I've been shooting and developing since I was about 14, and want to stick to my roots for a bit. So. My new blog. It will be a little mix of everything. There are no rules, no titles. My most creative self is without guidelines. Letting my mind run free. It will be full of photos, music, recipes, inspiration, things that I make, my travels. It will be a place where I don't have to look pretty and done up all the time - because honestly, I'm usually in cupcake pajamas with two different socks on and frizzy hair. It might have some fashion, but who knows. Who really knows who Madisyn is. I don't. Every day is different and in the words of Bob Dylan, "All I can do is be me, whoever that is."

Here is a new intro to what I've been up to. Currently, I'm in Pittsburgh. Freelancing, working, taking on my gritty city. My new apartment has 8 floor to ceiling windows with natural light, and a studio that I can be creative in. I decided that my new life wouldn't be complete without a puppy, so I've recently had a 10 week Bernese Mountain Dog move in as my newest room mate. Her name is Wednesday (like the Addams Family) and her paws are bigger than my Uncle Kents big fat fluffy biscuits. 

It feels so good to be back. No Rules.