Chautauqua Crochet

Urban Outfitters denim cutoff top, Free People crochet maxi skirt, Converse chucks, Ray Ban Sunnies, Sweet Bird ring

Walking around the Chautauqua Institution has me feeling like I'm in a different world. The small community feels huge as I explore each street. It seems like each house has fresh cut flower arrangements perched up on their colorful porches. I love this quaint little town. I spent yesterday walking the quiet streets and absorbing each beautiful detail. Including my skirt. Nothing like some crochet to put a smile on my face.

 The sun is coming out and my pale legs are begging me to put on my two-piece and catch some rays. I'm gonna grab a snack and spend this Saturday morning with some Bob Dylan and sunshine. Gonna keep this one short and sweet. 


  1. Lovely photos and blog, Madisyn! Jealous of your time at Bldg 25, what a dream! I've been hesitant to start my own online diary. Silly excuses. I'll get there, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying this soul-sister of a blog (:

    1. This made me smile. Bldg 25, ah I miss it so much. As far as your own blog- just go for it! You'll love having a place to throw down your thoughts. Thanks for all the kind words! xx

  2. Love the skirt and love the blog! Keep up the good work (: