When I'm near the water I almost feel obligated to wear a striped outfit at least once. The nautical feel of my shirt to pair so perfectly with the boat, the house, the water, the town. I love that thrown together look. A long maxi dress, a striped tee and some chucks to skip around town in. Oh, and you can't forget the high ponytail. Gotta love it! I already miss that little Lake Chautauqua abode. Watching the sunsets in a roughly woven hammock, the squeaky wooden floors of our old house, the breeze cool to contrast the warmth of the sun beating down on the lake. After busy weeks, it feels so great to have calm and relaxing weekends. I've realized that I need to stop getting caught up in work and school and take time to notice the little things that are making my life so beautiful. On the weekends I see the powdered sugar on my crepes, dance around because of new denim, and feel my happiest. It's time to clear my head throughout the week and take it all in. Sending you off with some Monday inspiration!


  1. m-

    You know what beach would look simply amazing on this blog? TOPSAIL ISLAND. Jessica and I will save you a spot. Come on down, love.


    1. k-

      i couldn't agree more. see you august 9th-17th for bronzing, sears, and a hot diggidy dogs icee...(or 5)

      miss you.


  2. Such an amazing photos. I love them all! :) Have a nice day.