Ancient Hippy

Novella Royale jumper, Vintage Louis Vuitton, Free People belts, Hot Haute Hot jewelry

Ciao! I'm currently going 242Km/h on a bullet train from Roma to Florence. The city is in my past and rolling hills continue to appear in the most breathtaking way. I couldn't even begin to explain the wanderlust feeling this country continues to give me. My first stay has been in Hotel Capo d'Africa, an upscale boutique like hotel with the best panorama views of Roma. I had Friday and Saturday to explore the bold architecture and was overwhelmed by the history. The Colosseum was massive and I felt so small next to it as I grooved around in my Novella Royale jumper. Speaking of clothes lets talk about this outfit. I love this jumper. I bought it through Free people and can't shake how much it brings my hippy vibes to this ancient ruin filled city. As far as the bag goes I have been so excited to share. This vintage Louis Vuitton was given to me a couple years ago from my mother and the leather strap eventually broke. Instead of sending it in for repair I decided to be my creative little self and call it a project. Free People always seems to be a go to for inspiration and I decided to make a stop at their Pittsburgh Store to get my creative juices going. After spotting two colorful embroidered belts in the store I pulled my debit card out and swiped. Right away, no second guesses or buyers remorse. I decided to use these two perfect belts as straps on my bag. A little stitching and leather here and there and wah-la! I've got myself a treasure. It's all about the little details, kiddos. Anyways, my train just stopped in Florence. I feel so blessed that I got to see such beautiful works of art in Rome but happy to move on to my next adventure. Florence calls for shopping….with a side of vino!