Tangled Up In Tie-Dye

Thrifty tunic, Levi denim shorts, Steve Madden sandals, Gypsy Junkies bone necklace and headpiece.

I've got a gypsy soul to blame, right? Borderline obsessed with tie-dye clothing and complete addict to Gypsy Junkies jewelry. A little box of beautiful goodies came in yesterday and I swear my jaw dropped to the ground when my eyes focused on the turquoise covered bone and leather necklace. Love at first site. I took what looked like a leather wrap bracelet and strapped that puppy to my head! Silly me. Any chance to wear a headpiece is a chance I'm willing to take. I skipped around the streets in my hippy look and felt free as a bird. Annnnnnyways today will be a busy one. Time to pack my closet into one large checked bag and a carry on. Wish me luck. It feels like Christmas Eve. I have butterflies and chill bumps because my journey to Italy starts tomorrow! I've always dreamed of going there and will be spending 9 days traveling Rome, Florence, Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, and Pompeii. I can't wait to indulge in homemade pasta and vino, capture every moment, and absorb each minute of beauty Italy has to offer. Ah, all this talk is getting me too excited to blog my adventures. Time to pack. 
Ciao, babes!

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