Tee Gee I Eff

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Happy Friday! I've been having a hard time getting tons of outfit posts in throughout the week because of busy schedules. Thankfully the weekend has rolled around and I get some time to relax and have fun. I will be in the city wandering around and spending time with the people I love, and Sunday I am going white water rafting.... terrified! I've been trying to take some time throughout each day to do things that make me happy. Listen to music, write, lounge a bit. I love being creative, and FP Jana from the BLDG 25 blog inspired me to start a new "journal" again. This time, it will be in a book. Frida has been giving me painting envy again and I'm hoping to incorporate all the little artsy things in my new little book. I'll post pictures soon once it gets going. Sending you off with some inspiration.. be creative this weekend! 

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  1. Hi, I have been reading your post today :) Im already loving your blog!
    But, Im wondering, what kind of journal are you doing? or you haven't started yet? Im so anxious to see your pics!! :)
    Have a nice day :)