Technicolor Dreamcoat

Custo Barcelona coat, Urban Outfitters BDG tee, Nasty Gal leggings, Louis Vuitton bag, Hot Haute Hot necklace,  Dr. Marten shoes, Free People socksring

Color overdose, I think yes. I feel like a lion in this Custo Barcelona number. Isn't it wiiiiiild? Call me "Madisyn and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." Remember that play? Haha. Anyways, I spent yesterday doing last minute present shopping and man, it seem like retail war out there. I had on my easy giddy up - Nasty Gal leggings, basic knit tee, and my Docs! I've been making my looks focus on the coats because this Pittsburgh air has quite the chill to it. Made this furry friend of mine work by adding accent touches through a sharp jewel tone necklace and bold oxblood lips. I woke up this morning to snow flakes rushing down like a race - getting here just in time to make it a white Christmas. Thanks mother nature :)

Happy Holidays, babes. Be cheery, spend time with your loved ones, eat good food, and give! I feel so blessed this Christmas and hope you do as well. Sending y'all all of my love. Hope Santa brings you a big furry coat, Lisa Frank stickers, and some gel pens. xx


  1. BABE!! so in love with ur new hair cut! LVOE LOVE this! x


  2. AHHH thanks so much babe!! So inspired by you, always. xoxoxo

  3. Any dream will do.