Photo Diary | Daytrotter

I showed up to Nashville around 5, hopped in a cab, gave the driver an address to this unfamiliar place, and pulled up to a large house on a somewhat sketchy street. I had absolutely no idea where I was, where I was going, and what to do. I began my trek up to the house with the addressed number on it with tired feet from airport sprints and a butterfly fluttering in my chest. My boyfriend was doing a session with Daytrotter; a website that features live recording sessions with various up and coming artists.  Because I'm always traveling, and Dyl is always in the studio, our phones seem to stay on opposite schedules. I remember receiving a text from him just as the plane touched down: "The session is about to start so I'm not gonna be able to answer.. just walk in when you get here"A little hint hint of why I was sweating, clueless, nervous wreck. So I'm thinking, get WHERE? Get to this house that has a gate and a front door in a neighborhood with no signs indicating "Daytrotter"? I was beyond flustered, yet after creeping awkwardly past the front yard, peeping through a few windows with lots of awkward eye contact, I found a back side door. I remember holding my breath, crossing my fingers, and letting myself in the door. Finally, relief. The sweet sweet tunes of my talented boyfriend were filling the air and a relaxing ambiance flooded my eyes. The walls were draped with tapestry, the lighting was warm, and instruments filled each little space in-between. I looked through the studio glass, saw him, and everything was suddenly okay. 

Listen to Dylan's Daytrotter session HERE


  1. Madisyn!! I love the new direction of the blog. I cannot express in words how enthralling your writing is. I feel like I'm turning the page of a memoir each time I read a post. Thats what makes your blog so exciting; wondering "What will she do next?". How rad is it that your life is like a really cool novel? Cooler than cool. This post was super funny because it brought back personal memories. I can totally remember a few times my spontaneity has had me diving head first into some random adventures. You inspire me!!! Keep it up woman!!!

    1. Thank you!! You are the sweetest!! That means so much. I live for these random adventures - they make the best memories.


  2. Great post, Maddie. I wanna hop in that LV bag and tag along!