REMember Music | SXSW

A night full of talent, originality, and love. I had the chance to travel down to Austin, TX this year for SXSW to watch my boyfriend, Dylan Reynolds perform in a showcase with his fellow label mates. Mac Miller's new label REMember Music brought Texas a breath of fresh air with a showcase of different artists doing what they love. The label is a mix of all genres - everything from singer-songwriters to rappers. This diversity really adds a beautiful aspect and made the night feel like an adventure. The showcase was held outdoors at The Scoot Inn which had a vast amount of room yet intimate feel. It was a perfect night under stringed lights with good music, a loving crowd, strong drinks, and a food stand serving the best veggie quesadilla I've ever eaten. Each performance had a specific sound that kept me wanting more and more. I seriously felt like a proud soccer mom the entire time. My camera strap was glued to my neck throughout the night as I soaked it all in through my lens and ears. I grooved, I sang, I captured. I left feeling both refreshed and overwhelmed after hearing such raw talent. Each and every artist and person involved with REMember Music did a wonderful job making the night magical. They are bringing the music back.

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