Spring Break, Please Donut End.

Over the past week I've been living my last Spring break.... ever. I started off in Austin for SXSW and recovered in Pittsburgh for a couple days of relaxation with my family. Being home means lots of "me" time, which is usually spent eating, painting, hiking, baking, and living a straight up couch potato life. I love the days with no agenda. No plans, no problem, I'm a happy girl. Overall my break has been absolutely wonderful and I feel so lucky that I have such beautiful, talented, and loving people in my life. Above are a few shots from the past few days. I have lots and lots of pictures from Austin that will be coming up on the blog soon, as well as some pretty cool outfit posts. For now, I'm gonna enjoy a few more pastries and lazy away my Sunday. New new new goodies coming up here soon!



  1. I don't blame you! My last spring break ever was spent doing nothing for the last few days! Actually, I think that is every weekend for me now, haha.


  2. Holy donuts, I can't wait for my break next week! Your blog posts always brighten my day. Okay, back to my term paper. xx

  3. Awesome pictures! We were at SX as well. (: