Banana Split

My look: Free People / And She Was Jacket, Gypsy Junkies Maxi Slip, Boera Necklace, UO Thigh Highs, Vintage Levi Shorts, Jeffrey Campbell Booties | Simone's look: Free People Bomber Jacket, Slip, Ray Ban Sunnies

Ice-cream cures all. Well, that, and this fringe jacket. Can you believe summer is here? I graduate from college in (holy shit, three days) .. move back to Pittsburgh for a month, then on to Philly to intern for Free People! Summer is the best - warm weather, family time, starry nights, cookouts with friends. It also means glittery lips, Nirvana road trips, and going out of the way to stop to the ice-cream shop for a sweet bite. My indecisiveness makes a banana split my go-to. A little bit of everything; chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, whip.. bananas, lots of hot fudge, please.  Yum, they are the taste of summer. I plan on keeping the hot fudge trend going all season, along with mixing delicates with rock n' roll touches. I love how this sheer lace absorbs so much beauty, but still keeps the eye wandering. Vintage Levi shorts with a tee are my everyday during the summer, but when night rolls around throwing a sheer maxi slip and baring some skin has me ready for the city streets. This fringe jacket literally makes my heart melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July. I always get a little chilly on summer nights, and this will be the cherry on top to every look. Speaking of cherries, I'll take 10 extra ones on my whipped cream, please. 

Hey! The new Free People store at Ross Park Mall opens this Friday - y'all better go check it out! The FP babes working there are amazing, and you know the clothes are going to be bomb. 

Photos by the beautiful and talented: Alyssa Florentine

Time to go graduate! Wish me luck & tell me what you have been dreaming of doing this summer. I'm freeeeeeeeee! xxx


  1. Hah, I love how you freely admit you fondness for sweets. Good luck interning for Free People! You will have so much fun.