Little Layers

I'm always one to reinforce "me" days. The days when you do what you love. When I get the chance to go home on the weekends, I just escape. I find myself baking, writing, painting, creating with flowers, reading. I get lost in all of these things and my mind just becomes free. My daddy raised me in the kitchen being his little sous chef and my grandmother spent her southern years baking beautiful wedding cakes for everyone in town. I think some of their love for food rubbed off on me, and though I have my hiccups, I've enjoyed learning. I'd hardly say I'm a good cook, but when it comes to baking, I'm really getting the hang of it. Its becoming one of my favorite things to do when I have time. Oh, and when I'm stressed. I don't run to the liquor store (or run anywhere, actually.. haha) but I go to the kitchen, find some butter, and bake. I bake up a storm. Cookies, cupcakes, muffins, pies, cakes. Name it. I can't stop. 

I spent my last "me" day baking this delicious 12 little layer cake. My mom helped, (cleaned up my mess, listened to me bark orders, stirred the icing, added more butter). This cake is a southern tradition in our family. Yellow cake, chocolate fudge icing, little layers. The goal is to get as many layers as possible with the batter. This can be achieved by either slicing, or baking each individual layer as thin as you can. I got up to 12 layers before running out of batter, but was pretty impressed with the looks of it. This cake is to die for, easily one of my favorite foods ever, and perfect for breakfast…lunch…and dinner. Dessert?

My last "me" day: baking, homemade brunching, scribbling recipes. Have one this weekend. Smile for me if you eat something sweet with lots of butter and love, and let me know about it!


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  1. I was actually going to bake a lemon pound cake this weekend. This post was good timing.