I love,

Developed the film from my rad soccer mom-like Pentax point and shoot camera - a trip exposed from when I grabbed a friend and ran off out West to visit the boy in LA. I love putting in a fresh 24 count roll and snapping the first crisp shot. I love the vulnerable aspect as you capture with an unknown grasp of the turnout. I love the sound of unwinding film. I love waiting a couple weeks before developing. I love watching the memories reveal. I love crossing my fingers hoping my smile isn't as dorky as normal or my left eye isn't squinting, meshing with closure. I love looking at the days we spent exploring the unknown. I wore your clothes, underdressed, oversized, and beautiful. I love the indecisiveness of each day. I love chasing waterfalls. I love the walks we took to the invisible house as the sun started setting. I love the noisy nights turning into peaceful mornings. I love the sugary pancakes. I love the smokey sound of your voice that night at your show. I love how hard we laughed afterwards in the studio.

I love this dog. I love this friend. I love this boy. I love California. Take me back.


  1. hey dude, i'm gonna be interning with you this summer! (i think!) anywho, i've been looking at all of the other interns' social media pages this morning. i lurvvv your blog. you'll have to teach me your ways this summer in philly. mine is lazy. but you can look at it here if you want! :) see you in a few weeks! http://www.katyfeatured.blogspot.com

  2. Girl, these pictures show your love of life. I can't wait to get back to California too. It's killing me.