You Are Magic

UO Exclusive Pins and Needles Cami, Vintage Crop, Dolce Vita x Vanessa Mooney Heels, Vintage Navajo Squashblossom Necklace, Free People Necklace, Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet, Rebel Cuff, Hot Haute Hot Unicorn 

Is this cami magical or what? I've been in awe ever since the package arrived at my doorstep. Urban Outfitters reached out for a little collab featuring this gem, which is an UO exclusive this summer. Having one of the first chances to style it, I have to admit, I was a bit overwhelmed. Simply put, these pictures do not do it justice. When I first grasped the fabric in between my fingers, I was blown away by the craft. Its delicate, yet well made textures are mixed in that perfect way that makes it almost too pretty to wear. I stripped down bare boned, threw it on… breathe. I didn't need anything else. It didn't need anything else - but because I am who I am, and love to play dress up, I decided to see what kind of magic this cami could create. I threw on a tight slip under, some heels, and again.. I scored. Undress. I put on jean short cutoffs, a band tee over it, and let the crochet drip down the sides.. In love.. Again. It is my I.want.to.wear.this.every.single.day.this.summer.cami. It is, magical. Like those moments you spend in your all white bedroom, with messy ass hair and natural sunlight. Oh look, a unicorn! When I grow up, I want to be a unicorn. I bet you do too. Screw the mermaids, I want a horn. 

Ramble, ramble, ramble. This is what magic does to you. This is what this cami does to you - a loss of words. Wear this on a date with the one you love in a bare and vulnerable way. Wear this with skinnies and sneakers and go on a rad adventure. Wear this in the heat with some cut offs, a strappy crop, and overdose in turquoise because that is just love. Be magical in this cami this summer. I know I will.

Grab a nifty polaroid from UO while your at it - I use this bad boy.


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