Nerd Alert

Truly Madly Deeply tee, Free People sweater, Vintage skirt, Medici bootie, Louis Vuitton Speedie, Free People socks

Sometimes my inner nerd is just not so inner. Sometimes its just out and about and I have no control over it. I mean, straight across bangs, my crooked bottom tooth that peeks out when I laugh, a denim pencil-like skirt that is missing a button. There are times when I stop and think what my readers think my life is like. Do they think about it? The strangers on my statistics from a world away might be thinking I'm someone completely different then I really am. I'm ok with that. Imagination is fun, I can't help but look at this post and laugh at myself because of that fourth button down - or lack thereof. If only you guys saw how fast it shot across the room when it popped off. I laughed so hard my cheeks felt sore for quite some time. My waistline has enjoyed the countless amount of s'mores I've been making over my kitchen stove a little too much. 

That "fourth button down" says a lot about me. I don't always fit in place, I'm a little quirky, and I enjoy little beautiful details of imperfection. Behind all of these cool clothing combos, fun travels, and Photoshop filters, I'm a total nerd. I'm going to start posting some facts about me because I want my readers to know a little more behind my pictures and what I love to wear. Every once in a while I'm going to ground myself and spill the beans. Just a few facts that help make me, me. 

Here we go:
I write all the time. I'm always scribbling down words and sketching.
I can't pronounce the word cinnamon.
I'm graduating in May.
I have a dog. I named him Chip. He may or may not be my best friend.
I can always count on classic rock n' roll.
When I'm feeling down I bake, like a maniac: pies, cookies, cakes, you name it.
I love this blog. It has become really important to me. I want to post more, write more, and inspire more. I can't wait to see where it takes me.

"All I can do is be me, whoever that is." -Bob Dylan


  1. I love everything about everything on your site. Totally fabulous...


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