Be Bold

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Check this chick out. Her names Nomi Leasure, the beauty behind one of my favorite blogs, Natural Born Liar. This babe is glowing with creativity, and her way with words are contagious. Leave my blog now now now - and let the addiction begin.

Spending the day spaced out and finding inspiration all around. I'm constantly collecting a bunch of pictures that have been catching my eye. This week I've been loving mixes of black & white, strong/moody attitudes, and sharp angles. Heres a little Saturday love - be bold, babes.



Technicolor Dreamcoat

Custo Barcelona coat, Urban Outfitters BDG tee, Nasty Gal leggings, Louis Vuitton bag, Hot Haute Hot necklace,  Dr. Marten shoes, Free People socksring

Color overdose, I think yes. I feel like a lion in this Custo Barcelona number. Isn't it wiiiiiild? Call me "Madisyn and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." Remember that play? Haha. Anyways, I spent yesterday doing last minute present shopping and man, it seem like retail war out there. I had on my easy giddy up - Nasty Gal leggings, basic knit tee, and my Docs! I've been making my looks focus on the coats because this Pittsburgh air has quite the chill to it. Made this furry friend of mine work by adding accent touches through a sharp jewel tone necklace and bold oxblood lips. I woke up this morning to snow flakes rushing down like a race - getting here just in time to make it a white Christmas. Thanks mother nature :)

Happy Holidays, babes. Be cheery, spend time with your loved ones, eat good food, and give! I feel so blessed this Christmas and hope you do as well. Sending y'all all of my love. Hope Santa brings you a big furry coat, Lisa Frank stickers, and some gel pens. xx


Free People BLDG 25 Blog Feature

For those of you who haven't seen - Free People's BLDG 25 blog team did a feature on me this week! Jana Kirn, one of the beautiful babes behind the incredibly inspiring blog got in touch with me about doing a feature and I couldn't of been more excited! My event with FP Pittsburgh and photo shoot with Alyssa Florentine helped make this feature possible and I couldn't thank those girls more.

 I met Jana earlier this year at the home offices and was blown away by her raw talent and beauty. Her blog, Wolf and Willow has been one of my favorites for a long time, and I felt so lucky to have such a muse write my feature. The interview questions were so much fun and rereading my responses makes me laugh at my quirky self. Make sure to go check out the feature, I really opened up a lot about myself and you might learn a few things about me you don't know! 

Check my FP feature it out here !!

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Mix It Up

Vintage coat, Forever 21 shirt, Prairie Underground pants, Modern Vice booties, Vintage camera bag

BURR.. Pittsburgh is freeeeeeezing. I'm finally back in the bloggin' groove and playing around in my closet. Thank goodness school is over! I've been braving the slippery sidewalks with these Modern Vice "Carly" booties glued to my feet. I can't seem to get enough of them.. but then again, how could you? The fit is perfect, the leather is soft as silk, and the look - sleek as ice. I mixed up some patterns on top to play it up a bit and stayed bundled tight with this crazy fur number. The pixie is letting me experiment around with classic styles, which has been so much fun. I've been adding my own rock n' roll, 90s, and boho twists that make me, me. 



I've been drowning in finals week. Gonna spend the day catching up on some zzzz's and baking Santa's cookies. Will be posting some sassy looks and Christmas lists soon! I haven't forgotten about y'all, I swear! Just getting out of school mode and gonna spend a day or two in bed with a sweet tooth, messy hair, and a head full of dreams. Gotta ease this brain of mine for a bit. 

Restore this weekend - and stay warm! xxx


Say Cheese!

My look: Free People topbeltring, Vintage Levi denim, Jeffrey Campbell booties

Photos by: Alyssa Florentine

I love the silliness that comes with photo booths. I've got the monkey face down pat, if I do say myself. This photo booth is far from movie theater quality - no buttery popcorn stains on these chicks. All Free People'd out; this shimmering burlap backdrop was set up all throughout my event Saturday at the store. I'd first like to thank all of the Free People Pittsburgh girls for asking me to help host this event and all of their hard work. They truly are beautiful and can crack my ass up in a split second. To the talented and inspiring Alyssa Florentine, thank you for dealing with my silly poses for the past month of capturing and editing. Secondly, thank you to all of the people that came out to the event. I loved seeing/meeting y'all and each one of you are super babes in the looks we put together. 

My style for the event was pretty classic and comfortable. Pairing my boyfriend fitted jeans with a delicate lace top added the perfect feminine touch, and my admiral booties are a no brainer to pull in the contrast belt. I think I could live in this outfit everyday for the rest of December. 

Just kidding, the new December just catalog came out. 

Thanks again everyone! That day has a special place in my heart. xxx


Pixie Proud

A tiny bit of Tuesday inspiration for y'all today. So.. let's start with the first picture. Oops! I have a pixie cut now. Channeling my inner Cat Power, Audrey Hepburn, and Michelle Williams via Louis Vuitton 14'. After 6 months of arguing with myself, awkwardly taping my hair up to my head, and Googling my head shape... I had a manic moment and did the CHOP CHOP. Who knew a shower could only take 3 minutes? Who knew I could get called a boy band member so many times in one week? Who knew I loved short hair so much?! Liberating. A drastic change = Happy. Free. Confused. Lonely. At the same time. Second photo is the Free People inspiration board I finished and sent in with my application! Cross those fingers, babes. If you aren't inspired yet just stare really hard at Jane Birkin and Stevie Nicks for a few minutes and wait for your life to change. 

Anyways, today was the last day of classes. Woop. Finals week and then CHRISTMAS BREAK! Gonna try super hard to get a outfit post of some sort up here for y'all this week. Have a beautiful day - drink lots of pomegranate tea, listen to some Bob Dylan, and write down your dreams.